Is It Time to Treat Your Drug Addiction?

Drug addiction is a large-scale problem in the United States. Over 22 million people are thought to be struggling with drug use, but only one percent receive treatment. If you are experiencing any of the negative effects outlined below, it is time for you to seek help.

Health Problems

When you are dependent on drugs, your body suffers the consequences. Opiates can cause slow breathing that may result in oxygen deprivation and brain damage. Stimulant drugs can lead to psychosis and heart failure. If you inject drugs such as heroin, you are putting yourself at risk for contracting hepatitis C or HIV. Your body will give you clear signs that your drug use is causing damage, and you should not ignore them.

Driving While High

While you may feel confident that you can drive while under the influence of drugs, the reality is you are extremely impaired. You are a danger to yourself and everyone else who is using the road. In addition, if you are stopped by the police and arrested for DUI, it can have a profound effect on your life and that of your family for years afterward. If you cannot manage your behavior while using drugs, it is time to get treatment.Loss of Job or Expelled from School

Frequent drug users often struggle with employment and going to school. Coming in late, working below expectations and moody behavior often lean to termination or being expelled. Being unemployed or suddenly having free time can result in further drug use and create a vicious cycle of poverty, depression and homelessness, especially when your family and friends can no longer cope with the behavior.Fractured Relationships

This is often the most devastating result of drug addiction. Your family members may not want you in the home because of recklessness and irresponsibility. Friends may want to help but do not have the resources to do so and cannot put their own lives at risk. Many people will distance themselves from an addict, and you may find yourself without a support system. Going into rehab will help you avoid dealing with a big problem alone.Drug addiction is one of the toughest battles a person can fight. Recognizing the signs that you need help is the first step toward a new and healthy life.