Positive Living Through Positive Thoughts

Helping You and Your Family to Live Better and Achieve More

While developing the Achieve Now Institute, Norm came to appreciate that his patients needed reinforcement throughout each day. Drawing on inspiration from his own life experiences as well his teaching practices that have produced success for countless others, Norm penned three positive-thoughts books in reply to his client’s needs. There isn’t anyone better to educate and teach you about these things than Norm because he is using actual personal life experience and he understands most of the struggles that some of the people are going through. He gathered a lot of experience during many years of professional practice and he is now sharing that with other people.

Pass It Along and feel Double Good! Now you can make your life better by reminding yourself of the treasures of life. Each page serves as a simple reminder of life’s truths for you and your family. Tear off the end of each page at the perforation and give it to a friend or loved one. (Click on the picture to the right to see a large version.)

Lunch Box Notes

You breathe Life into these sayings by sharing them with others. Suddenly hopes, dreams, and inspirations become attainable. With the variety of sayings include in these “Notes”, we’re sure there’s one to fit your need. A few samples are below. You can get complete information in our online catalog.

  • Nothing stands between you and your goals! (except maybe yourself)
  • Body language speaks! Be aware of what yours says!
  • When you finish “The Last Mile” you will have completed your journey.
  • Forgiveness takes only a second… Anger can last a lifetime!

“Love Is…” 101 Ways of Expressing Love

This book recalls “Love Is…” moments that many of us have shared in our relationships with family, friends and love ones. “Love is…” a New “Pass It along Series,” which includes 101 “Love is…” Side Notes. Share yours by handing one to a friend or lover, including it in a card, letter or gift. Put it on a bulletin board or someone’s desk or use them as 101 “Love is…” bookmarks for you and yours. A few samples are below. You can get complete information in our online catalog.

  • Love is… rubbing their feet when they’ve been on them all day.
  • Love is… never going to bed angry.
  • Love is… keeping your mind open no matter what is being said.
  • Love is… standing up for the one you love.
  • Love is… leaving little notes for them to find, just to show you are thinking of them.

Here’s a Thought!

This collection of sayings enhances our understanding of ourselves and by sharing them with others we show we care and offer support. This encourages insight into feelings and emotions that we all experience. A few samples are below. You can get complete information in our online catalog.

  • Take a chance Today! Tomorrow can be far away!
  • Great Minds develop through Independent Thinking.
  • Finding new freedom means directing yourself.
  • Don’t carry a grudge. The weight may break your back!

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